Let's Have Some Fun lyrics

Samantha Fish

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Don't try to think: There's no room for thought
Isn't this something that you were taught?
I've never thought that I had a chance, Ý I'm taking the pills I need to dance,
I'm as good as dead now I'm in a trance

Concern for others has ceased to exist I'm septic, infected, there's shit on my fist
I'm playing the field while I sit on the fence I'm joining the ranks of the sexually dense
I'm as good as dead now, I've no common sense

It's a 'New Age' but the same as the last Everyone loves dragging things up from the past
You can flog a dead horse to anyone- Consumers we'll be until thy Kingdom come
We're as good as dead now, so let's have some fun!
Oh, Let's Have Some Fun

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