Recently lyrics


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I acted cool, I asked around,
But you could not be seen,
I was desperate, indifferent,
To put everyone on call,

You walked in, I clicked on,
You could not refuse,
It has to be, and we know it now,
So get the rocket, light the fuse,

'Cause recently I kissed you,
it's like a dream come true,
And recently you're likin' me and I'm really likin' you,

Never apart, we go around,
Siamese in crazy love,
I learn your quirks (quotes?), call your world,
What did I do before you?

Because recently I need to be with you all the time,
Recently some jealousy has crept into my mind,
Recently I notice that it's weird to be alone,
Recently my friends, they never call me anymore,
Recently I'm happier being by myself,
Recently I'm all alone, but I'm not lonely I'm not lonely

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