That Wasn't What I Said lyrics

Peter Hammill

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The way this narrative's unfolding
I've got in way above my head,
Sense I'm about to be held to account for
Some things I never did, some words I never said.

I can tell you're keen to hold my attention
Though my concentration's starting to fade
As you set out your stall and say that you're ready
To wait for the pay-out on promises I never made.

Don't know where this is going,
I don't know if we're speeding up or slowing down.
You haven't read the questions,
I haven't got the answers now,
It looks as though we've run aground.

Better bring it on, get the motor running;
Surely we don't belong, but let's pretend anyway.
So the story's gone wrong no-one saw it coming -
Moving along will we be moving away
To another life where we might not be strangers?
Might be husband and wife, might find our future assured?
Time and tide that's enticed, none of that could change us.
Oh but you don't think twice, just make up what's gone before.

I don't know where that came from,
A strange imagination's got
A stranglehold on you.
You talk as if you know me:
In reality you haven't got
The faintest clue.

And now this narrative's exploding,
Through a merry dance your fantasies have sped.
Still you say my words are in your heart forever:
"I'll always love you..."

That wasn't what I said.

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