Close To Me lyrics

Peter Hammill

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I got no sense of danger,
When I met her at first,
Though with hindsight's cold certainty
I was always a target.
From the very start
She'd been training her sights on me.

I only later discovered
To her family and friends
She'd refer to me constantly
As if our casual acquaintance
Were a bigger thing.
But I'm not part of her history,
No I'm not part of the action,
I've no part in the plot.
In all honesty
She was never that close to me.

When I heard of the stories
She'd been spreading around,
The malevolent fantasies
I broke off any contact,
Thought that was civilised.
How could I have been so naive?
I've been dumb and defenceless
While she's been dogging my steps

She got dangerously close you see,
She got dangerously close to me.

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