Wig Out lyrics

Pete Rock & Cl Smooth

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[pete rock]
Yeah.. uh-huh.. *echoes*
It's called the wig out *echoes*
It's called the wig out *echoes*

It's called the wig out *echoes*
It's called the wig it's called the wig it's called the wig out
It's called the wig out *echoes*
It's called the wig out *echoes*
It's called the wig it's called the wig it's called the wig out

[cl smooth]
Circulate us in the vein, set to ride the cracks on your brain
Like a novacaine, I train to easy any pain (word? )
Yeah, get your wig loose, I relieve tension
The path to my lesson is the highway to heaven (ahh yeah)
Plus, what a rush, catch another one flushed (uh-huh)
Now you got a crush, makin dames wanna blush (yeah)
I stomp out your campfire liar, retire (uh)
Cause none of these homefries here is oreida (yeah)
The wiggy-wig get the big bread known to break em like a twig (whoo!)
Gimme beef cause I don't eat pig (uh)
Who runs the joint with the flavors in the vernon? (uh-huh)
Got _one life to live_, _as the world keeps turning_ (yeah)
More, take a draw, then react to contact (uh)
A buzz from my cuz I back as a fact (yeah)
Just like the reverand, I make you wanna jump and shout (say what? )
Cl smooth got the wig out..

[pete rock]
It's the wig out, uhh
It's the wig..
It's definitely the wig
Wig out! c'mon, ahh yeah
Come on.. yeah..

[cl smooth]
With the pace of a racehorse, I cover like lipgloss
Roll with force to get you wigged of course (uh-huh)
The honey-coated brown eyes wise to the franchise
Notice other guys, never twist his size (uhhh, uhhh)
Bigger than life, I hit the wife undercover
You discover when my dog ate the drawers off the mother (uh-huh)
Called her greedy gretchen, my pet came fetchin
And shot old yeller with the big smith and wessun (whoo!)
Cl and double-x-l ring a bell
Supplied by the inside, never been a shell
Rowdy, but thoughts got cloudy, you choked
In a puff of smoke, mics were lit, and then broke (yeah)
Back and forth like a game of ping-pong (what? )
I get the cypher going like cheech and chong (yeah)
And glide through your system, on a funk rhythm (uh-huh)
Honey don't pout, cl got the wig out..

[pete rock]
Like I said..
It's the wig..
To make your head go.. aoowwwwww!
Yeah.. it's like that..

[cl smooth]
Cl, the a+, while you wear a f like a freebie
With your nine lives this arrives, here kitty-kitty
No more to savor cause I'm here to kick flavor
The most common denominator, said none graver
Sufferin succotash, a blunt for the cash
Whiplash, flojo in a forty yard dash (uh)
Solid like a ? , never fall like rome
A notch for your crotch so honey heat it I'm home (uh)
My baby's a lovechild, say whassup to ya (uh-huh)
Like dr. welby, I keep the boy healthy (yeah)
Pete knowledge me, flip it over and it's sweet
Entwined when I mentally design verse three (uh)
Appears so real when the soul brother sun (yeah)
If you rate it on a chart, it would be number one (uh-huh)
Spread it like sauerkraut, the main event doubt
You wind up in a rout, cl got the wig out..

[pete rock]
Cl got the wig.. come on
Cl got the wig out.. yeah
Shit is funky..
Yeah.. uh-huh..
That's fresh..
C'mon! ah yeah, uh-huh, that's how we're livin
For the nineties
Yes! yes cousin
Gettin busy, uh-huh
It's the wig out!
Wig out! uh, the wig out!
The wig out.. *fades*

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