You're Lost lyrics

Lil Uzi Vert

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Know I had to tell my girl
This ain’t that
Woah, I don’t want you back
Yeah, I’m just counting racks

Ya, the money won’t bring her back (It won't)

Ya, and I just want her back

Want her back (I want her back)

Yah, say you made your money back flip you lyin'

Skrt-skrt, big Lambo' now I'm drivin'

Give her the D yeah she fight it

Yeah she turn around and she like it

Woah slide on it, ride on it

Turn around girl, bite on it

Diamond chain, you can shine a light on it

I hit your girl, yeah it's tight homie

I'm so fly you fly a kite on me

Stand on my money, you got some height on me

Yeah no that is not my homie

I said no that is not my homie

I was in Miami with my old homies

Fucked on your girl when she got lonely


Yeah my car it go skrt-skrt

Might fuck around and buy a new one

Cowboy status walk with two guns, yeah

Wait, hold up

Diamonds all on my teeth feeling sunny

I'mma walk through the game 'til I run it

I just left out the bank with 100

(Wait, wait, wait 100,000? Yeah)

I know she was with you some time ago

She left you 'cause um boy so broke

Boy you a joke

Boy you a hoax

She got with her boss 'cause boy you a ho

Yeah, he ain't got no money

I swear that, that boy be doin' that most

He say he gon' get me touched

Tryna put on a show

Talkin' that he gotta go

30k down for the low

Everybody be quiet yeah

Gotta keep the blinds closed

Who that knockin' at my door

Runnin' out the back door

Saint Laurent 'cause of Yeezy

Remember life wasn't easy

Remember girls didn't need me

Now they beggin' just to meet me

Bad girl from Waikiki

And she wetter than a squeegee

Long legs just like Dee Dee

Lil nigga just like Dexter

But she know I'mma flex her

And you know I'mma finesse her

Young nigga gettin' money

Girl are you F

I was in Miami with my old homies

Fucked on your girl when she got lonely

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