The Sleeping And The Dead lyrics

Born Of Osiris

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As I witness you fall behind
I continue and start to rise
Now you're after a droning daze

To fall back into sulk in your shame

In connection we find a game so obvious
Planned from the start
Can't explain why it distracts us

I'm delirious and the air is thinning
The room is spinning and I am sitting
Every breath I'm consuming my own doubt

It still keeps us alive
See theres an evil thats outraged
Still it keeps us alive
Resistance plays at our heart strings

When the weight comes down
You reject it just accept it
Thinking you need out
You create it you can escape it

This urgency you feel each second
Will never leave don't ever think its the end

Alive to keep us reckless
With toxins in ours veins
While basic operators
Follow directions
And play the game

What you say in your head is not what you tell the world

Destroying all my fears
Just as the picture is about to come clear
I dissemble
Falling to the ground I
Shattered on the floor I
Picking up the pieces as I

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